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Trump Cuts Judges Out of Deportation Proceedings

Critics have said that President Trump could not speed up deportations because there is such a backlog of cases before judges now.  But the problem with liberals is the fact that they think they are the smartest things in the world and the truth is they probably have livestock crawling over their body that’s got a higher IQ.


Obama was able to oversee the doubling of the backlog even while not allowing ICE and border patrol men and women to do their job.  He did that by changing them rules on who is eligible for a hearing before a judge.  In many cases anyone who has been in the country 15 days qualifies.

But President Trump and John “killer” Kelly are on a mission from God and they are not going to let anything stop them, especially since liberal judges let illegals roam free.  So, they have moved the time limit from 2 weeks to 2 years.  During the first two years, Trump and Kelly can deport an illegal alien and they are not entitled to a trial.  Wait for incoming from the ACLU.


From The Daily Caller:

Condemnation of the plan by pro-immigration activists and Democratic politicians was swift. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement Tuesday, “By targeting those without serious convictions, those who have merely been charged with offenses, or those recent arrivals — including unaccompanied children — who have posed no safety threat to our neighborhoods, the President has chosen the politics of division over our nation’s safety.”

The policy director of the Center for Immigration Studies Jessica Vaughan, who advocates for reduced immigration, on the other hand told Newsweek the memos are a “welcome move.”


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