• July 15, 2024


dinner-3The mainstream media sure want to know every step that Trump makes.  The same media that puts out lies and tries to make Donald Trump look bad now wants to know when he has a family dinner.

Apparently,  even though Trump has not gone through the inauguration,  the press, who dislike Trump to begin with,  want to know his every move.

Trump met with his family for dinner at ’21’ Club at 21 West 52nd Street in New York city.  His secret service accompanied himdinner-1.  It was not as if Trump went out all by himself but reporters were not satisfied.

52nd Street was closed down during Trump’s meal.  Trump has a table he reserves at the club.  It happens to be the same table that Gerald Ford favored when he ate at the Club.

President elect Trump got a standing ovation when he entered the 21 Club.


The media was disgruntled at Trump not telling them he was going out to meet with his family for dinner.  There were grumbles about ‘Trump Incoming Admin Already Showing Lack of Transparency’ (NBC)’ and that ‘Trump ditches the press (Politico).

A small group of reporters were actually allowed to enter the restaurant to see Trump wash his meal down with a virgin mary. dinner-5

Give me a break.  The man has been treated so badly except for a few good men and the people who voted for him. The mainstream media have been downright evil.  Still,  they expect to be told when he goes for dinner with his family.

President elect Trump has a long road ahead of him.  I wonder if the media want to know exactly what he ate.  Then they could say he ordered something expensive,  if it was,  in fact,  a high priced meal.  Maybe the media would find it high priced even if it wasn’t.

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