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Trump Drops BOMBSHELL: “Look, I’m The President of the United States!”

The last year has been one of the strangest I have seen in my life and I am sure for many of you too. Between the COVID fiasco, the obvious voter fraud that occurred in the November election, everything seems to be completely turned upside down. Then on top of it, everything we have the social media Megatron’s canceling everyone they don’t agree with making it incredibly hard for people to reach friends, family, and so much more.

Folks, if you don’t know this, in this day in age people use social media as a vehicle for work, and people being silenced is harming them too.

That is why Trump is taking on big tech and asking for people to join him since we all need to band together to take down these behemoths in silicon valley.

Trump is the man for the job since he doesn’t cave or melt when the left comes after him with their nasty comments and bullying tactics.

In an interview yesterday, Trump said something VERY interesting yesterday.

In all honesty, he said a lot of interesting things, but this one really jumped out.

Speaking to a reporter after his press conference about his lawsuit against Big Tech, Trump referred to himself as “the President of the United States”.

Now, some could say he was speaking of the time back when he was banned from social media.  I get it,l but the context doesn’t fit at all with that.

You decide, see what you think.

I’ve got the clip for you here on Rumble:

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