• May 24, 2024

Trump Drops Jaws With His Marksman Skills At North Carolina Gun Range

Often touting his endorsement from the National Rifle Association, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly attempted to cast his as the most pro-gun campaign in the 2016 race.

While some of his prior comments on the topic give his critics pause, his activities during a campaign stop in North Carolina on Thursday has earned him some Second Amendment credibility.

According to recent reports, Trump made an appearance in Iredell County, meeting with a group of local law enforcement officers while he was in the area.

During that visit, Sheriff Darren Campbell confirmed the brash billionaire showed off his marksmanship by firing an M-4 rifle at targets in an adjacent shooting range.

“I’ve got to say,” Campbell said of the experience, “this man can shoot.”

A local mayor, Ron Wyatt of Troutman, went further in detailing the real-estate mogul’s firearms skill.

“He fired several shots,” Wyatt said. “I saw two for-sure bull’s-eyes. At the distance we were I couldn’t tell you there wasn’t more.”

About the only thing missing from the event, according to some attendees, was the absence of any memento of the visit.

“There was no photos done down there,” lamented retired Statesville Assistant Police Chief Ken Shawyer. “We were all kind of like … they didn’t want anybody taking photos or nothing. I don’t know what that’s about.”

Trump apparently did pose for a photo with several supporters at the range, though his campaign has opted not to release any of them.

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