• June 19, 2024

Trump Greeted At Rally By Thunderous 3-Word Chant

“Build that wall!” is a cry that resonates in all regions of the United States, not just near the Mexican border.

The now-familiar chant greeted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence in Canfield, Ohio, as the two paid a Labor Day visit to the six-day Canfield Fair, WKBN and the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

A crowd estimated at 20,000 lined the fair midway as the Trump-Pence motorcade arrived.

Trump emerged from his vehicle and made his way past the food kiosks and craft booths, shaking hands and waving, before entering the tent of the Mahoning County Republican Party, where he greeted his supporters and signed autographs.

Emerging from the tent, Trump was handed a bullhorn and made a statement on one of the running themes of his campaign:

 “We’re going to bring jobs back to Ohio, we’re going to bring jobs back to the country. We’re not going to make these horrible trade deals anymore. We’ll bring our jobs back. Thank you everybody, I love you, thank you.”
After a visit in the fair’s administration building, Trump concluded his whirlwind appearance by again assuring the crowd: “We’ll bring your jobs back to Ohio.”

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