• April 19, 2024

Trump Is Pushing Buttons Now As He Says He Will Close All Mosques If Elected

Donald Trump, the leading presidential candidate for the Republican Party, said in an interview on Fox Business he would “absolutely” close mosques in America in order to fight ISIS.

Host Stuart Varney first outlined the British response to rising terrorist threats, which include the revocation of passports and closing of places of Muslim worship, and asked if Trump would do the same.

“They’ve got a whole new series of proposals to deal with this, including withdrawal of passports from some of these people who’ve gone over just to fight –” Varney said, then stopped.

“Absolutely,” Trump cut in, Mediaite reported. “Good, good.”

Varney continued: “And closing some mosques. Would you do the same thing in America?”

Trump replied in the affirmative.

“I would do that,” he said. “Absolutely. I think it’s great.”

Varney then pressed the point of America’s religious freedom guarantees and asked if Trump, legally, could close mosques.

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