Trump is RIGHT about the MOB: ‘They want to punish YOUR thought, but not THEIR violent crimes’

There were many soundbite moments during President Trump’s rally on Saturday night, good and bad, like always. But this isn’t a review, it’s a highlight from the event that speaks to a much bigger issue.


Trump addressed the big, giant, huge issue hanging over all of America, the thing that is pitting one side against the other like we haven’t seen in more than 40 years. The left-wing mob.

The combination of a compliant, subservient media, a highly radicalized generation of social justice indoctrinated agitators, and the nefarious actions of sinister groups using tragic or violent moments or spontaneous outpourings as cover for pursuing their evil, anti-American goals has made 2020 a clear-cut choice.

Trump outlined that choice 100% correctly several times last night. In this clip, he lays it out explicitly.

Sure, it’s technically a November choice. But it’s also a June choice. Whether to kneel to the mob or not is the question of the year, the month, and each day.

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