Trump Plane Lands in Orlando: What Was Waiting on the Tarmac Was Incredible


Donald Trump had a campaign event in Orlando and when he landed, he was able to see a sight no other presidential candidate has ever seen.  Just like at every stop Trump makes, huge numbers of people show up to see him.  As they tried to make their way onto the tarmac, they saw a sight that made them stop.  There next to Trump’s plane was the largest group of policemen you will find outside their national convention.

Wow… The biggest gathering of police officers I’ve ever seen greet Trump, on the Orlando airport tarmac right now

You can bet that Hillary Clinton’s plane will never be met by this type of powerful reception and show of support. She’d much rather put her support towards the Black Lives Matter group that continues to cause chaos and hurt and kill police officers across the nation.

Trump on the other hand makes sure to take the time to show these brave men and women on the force that he respects their service. It’s pretty clear to see that they respect him as well.

It’s pretty telling if you have this many police officers taking time to show their support for one candidate. If Hillary is elected, who knows what sort of smear campaigns or even worse things she will do to our police force. Trump on the other hand has made it clear that he will be there for the police and this showing just demonstrated how they’re behind him one hundred percent.


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