• June 20, 2024

Trump Shows Tender Side To Mother Who’s Son Killed By Illegal Immigrant

I will not belabor the point of wishing we had a true statesman in the election process, but I am a glass half full kind of guy. So I’ll say this, as fairly as possible. We all know by now what we will get from Hillary Clinton. Any rational person is well aware that it will be a continuation of “business as usual”. Just look at the state of the nation as we speak. That is one side. On the other is an unknown, with hard hitting solutions that seem to grounded in common sense.

According to Conservative Tribune:

Mary Ann Mendoza, whose police officer son had been killed by a repeat offender who was also an undocumented alien, said she was worried about what kind of country we would be leaving our kids.Laura Wilkerson speaking at a Town Hall feels that her current government has betrayed her. She added that she believed a President Hillary Clinton would do “nothing for Americans” and that Trump would do everything for them.At that moment, Trump leaned in and kissed Wilkerson gently on the cheek — a kind gesture for her pain.


Sometimes  the truth hurts to hear and that seems to send the emotional base of the left into a frenzy. I just don’t understand how people do not want to take care of their country as they do their home? I believe Mr. Trump is growing into the position, there is no training ground for this responsibility, but He has good practice running a business, a far cry from career politicians who have never worked for a pay check, based on performance. There is an old saying, “Men don’t make the times, Times make the men”. And I believe this. What do you think?

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