• May 27, 2024

Trump Speech In Detroit focus on Economics Slaps Down Hecklers

Donald Trump gave an Economic speech in Detroit today. It was good to see Mr. Trump focusing on issues that concern the working american. One that caught my attention was the comment he made about Regulatory Reform. Trump said, “I will issue an executive order to impose a regulatory moratorium on new agency regulations.” In addition, you will find several more points from the economic speech, but as usual there are a few hecklers at Mr. Trump’s rallies. Ever notice there are never right wing hecklers at Ms.Clinton rallies, they are usually Sanders supporters or communist students; but I wander if Mr. Trump had a nice put down for the Clintonistas.


According to Gateway Pundits:


‘Thank you. I will say the Bernie Sanders people had far more energy and spirit. I will say it.”

Watch the video linked above.

We have an out of control government with no regards for the middle class  jobs, taxes, regulation, trade and manufacturing to name a few. I hope this speech is listened to by people with common sense, because this is a subject we all can come to agreement on, our money. what do you think?





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