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Trump Supporters Raise Nearly $24,000 For Muslim’s Limo That Tolerant Liberals Torched

It’s funny how the tolerant, Muslim loving liberals can burn a Muslim man’s sole means of support and not give it a second thought, whereas the racist ‘Islamaphobes’ who didn’t burn the limo raised $24,000 to help him get back on his feet.


The GoFundMe page for Nationwide Chauffeured Limo Service recently reached just under $24,000 in donations, most of which have come from conservatives and other limo service workers, after one of the company’s limos was attacked by a mob of protesters and completely damaged on inauguration day.

The limo, which was owned by Muslim immigrant Muhammad Ashraf, was attacked with bricks and rocks after dropping off a customer, before the vehicle was completely torched– leaving the driver with minor injuries.

“Protesters don’t understand that they are putting innocent people out of business with their actions. I hope you get enough here to replace your limo so that you can continue your small business,” commented one user who donated $25, before tagging Trump’s signature slogan “#MAGA.”

“Showing the Left what tolerance looks like,” commented another with his $25 donation, while one $50 donation was signed “From a Trump Supporter.”

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