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Trump to Eliminate Fraud and Abuse From Welfare Recipient’s Favorite Program: Obamaphone

Welfare leeches have been bleeding our system dry for decades, but under Trump, that is all about to come to an end.

President Trump has appointed Ajit Pai to chair the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and he has already started to roll back government waste. Pai is planning to eliminate the fraud from the abused Obamaphone program.


Fraud ran rampant while Obama was in office. The lazy and entitled were able to abuse the system and overdraw from medicaid, welfare, and food stamps — all while refusing to work for a living.

Obama’s actions were paid for by our already over-burdened tax payers. Thankfully, President Trump is going to cut the fat and force those who are able to go back to work.

The Obamaphone program was a entitlement where low-income Americans were able to receive a free cell phone.

The program was poorly-executed. The goal was to provide a phone for those who are looking for work. A personal number is an essential element of obtaining a job, as you need to be called in for an interview. It was never meant to be an unlimited free phone.

However, typical of many Obama programs, it was sloppily implemented. Many people were able to abuse the handout, which ended up costing taxpayers millions. Of course, the program did not provide a simple flip-phone which would serve the purpose of the program, but a brand new smart phone.

A dedicated phone number is essential to finding gainful employment, but once employment is found the recipient can then drop their simple flip phone and reward themselves with the latest technology equipped with internet access. Until they can afford it, there are libraries across the nation where you can log onto the internet.

Ajit Pai has set a $1.5 billion limit to the program, which is the first limit that was been placed on it. This is an important program, but it needs to be managed responsibly.

The Obamaphone was one of many poorly-executed entitlements orchestrated by the Obama administration. Obamacare, as you all know, is still abused by those who are not sick or part of the targeted group, but who just want free healthcare. As usual, it is up to hard-working Americans to pay for it. People like Bernie Sanders seem to think that the government is made of money to be distributed freely, and they forget that every new entitlement increases the tax burden of everyday Americans.

These programs are wrought with abuse. A social safety net is supposed to catch the few who fall through the cracks, to give them a path back to a place from which they can contribute to society again. But it is instead being used as a permanent source of income for those too lazy to work for themselves.

Fraud and abuse makes up a large amount of money that we could save by going after those involved.  After decades of abuse we finally have a president to doesn’t worry about what the polls will say when he has to make a hard decision.  It’s about time the people who make this country work, the American taxpayer, gets a break.


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