• July 3, 2022

TRUMP WINS: Sales of Valiums to Rise Dramatically on Wednesday



Every step of this years campaign, democrats, RINOs, Never Trumpers and the media declared the Donald Trump campaign to be dead or at least dying.  Trump won the big three that everyone agreed that he must win.  Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.  He then broke through Hillary’s blue wall by winning Wisconsin and it’s ten electoral votes.  At that moment, he only needed to win the remaining states that Romney won to reach 269 electoral votes.  Had he not won another blue state, the electoral college would end up with a 269-269 tie.  For those of you aren’t aware, if no one wins 270 electoral votes the House votes for the president.  Slam dunk Trump.

Trump was able to tap into the plight of the working man whose jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants.  More jobs have been taken out of the country because of the high corporate taxes and the massive amount of regulations Obama has placed on them.  Obamacare has crippled these people and they showed their displeasure by going to the polls in incredible numbers.  Right up until the moment the first poll closed, democrats took it for granted that Hillary Clinton would win.

Polls don’t vote.  People vote and when the people vote they set the course for the country.  With most polls finding that 70% of Americans thinking we are on the wrong path, it should not have surprised anyone that Donald Trump would become president.

Clinton is not the only losers in this election.  Other losers are NeverTrumpers, the media and Hollywood, whose population will decline greatly if they keep their promise.  The open border Republicans and George Soros too.  I’m absolutely giddy. The two biggest losers are Obama, whose legacy is on the line and Clinton, who not only lost the election but may also face prison time for her crimes.

At this point the electoral vote for Trump was 254.

Trump then picked up 11 for winning Arizona and 3 for Alaska bringing his total at that point to 268.  That’s when the New York Times called Pennsylvania for Trump bringing him to 288 electoral votes.  he only needed 270 to win and he is still leading in Michigan.

All hail, President Trump


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