TSA Officer Accused Of Molesting Young Boy During Security Check [VIDEO]

After the leaked video of a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer patting down a teenage boy spread like wildfire on social media – caught the attention of many concerned netizens. The angry mother of the teenage boy in the video posted it on Facebook as she clamored about her son’s ‘horrifying’ experience at an airport in Dallas, USA.
Based on the video, the TSA officer touched and patted down the boy for two minutes. He was wearing a pair of blue gloves as he continuously and repeatedly touched the child’s arms, legs, back, hips and shoulders. The search which lasted for two minutes enraged the mother and thousands and thousands of netizens as they accused the TSA officer of sexually molesting the young unsuspecting kid.


Jennifer Williamson, the mother, said that she was ‘livid’ with how the TSA officer patted down her child. According to the reports of TIME and The Washington Post, Jennifer and her son had to undergo this process because her son’s laptop sounded an alarm during their initial screening. Jennifer initially refused to undergo the TSA second screening because she feared that her son might suffer from anxiety and depression. She claimed that her son is suffering from a Sensory Processing Disorder which affects how his sensory nerves receive messages through his senses. He may feel over-simulated when somebody touches him. However, the Texas airport called the police which forced Jennifer to agree on to the process.

Meanwhile, the TSA defended their officer claiming that he was just following the protocol, saying that the process is reasonable. TIME also reported that the TSA officers explained the process to the boy who gave his consent and acknowledged it properly. Through their spokesperson Lisa Farbstein, the TSA claimed that they are duly authorizing their officers to conduct such procedures for security purposes.

What can you say about the video? Do you think that there was an actual act of abuse? Or it is true that the TSA officer was just following the airport’s protocol? Share us what you think in the comments section below.



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