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Turns Out, Obama Officials Setup The Meeting Between Jeff Sessions and The Russian Ambassador

Well, well, well it turns out that the Democrats are the ones who setup the very meetings with the Russian ambassador they are now demanding AG Jeff Sessions resign over.


A horse could crap anywhere inside the continental United States and within two days the Democrats will step in it.  Every single time they show fake outrage over something it always comes back on them, and this is no exception.  And why do they always show fake outrage?  Because until now, they have always gotten away with it.  This is yet another reason they hate Trump.  He doesn’t take their nonsense and calls them on it.

Chuck you Schumer has been out there demanding Jeff Sessions resign over this fake news.  Let’s recap.  This whole mess started when Al I stole my senate seat from Norm Coleman Franken asked Sessions a hypothetical question during his confirmation hearing based on the already debunked dossier (of Buzzfeed notoriety) about any surrogates of the Trump campaign having communications with the Russians.  Sessions said no, and it was later revealed that he had met with the Russian ambassador, but not as a surrogate to the campaign but as a U.S. senator on the Foreign Relations committee.

So now by any standard doesn’t Chuck you Schumer owe an apology to AG Jeff Sessions, President Trump, the nation, and the Russian Ambassador?  Don’t hold your breath.

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It should already be obvious that the fake media firestorm over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ meetings last year with the Russian ambassador is nothing more than the Democrat Media Complex — led by Obama’s shadow government — trying to take down a key member of the Trump administration. Their game is to find some minor issue (Sessions could have been more forthcoming during his confirmation hearing) and turn it into a major impeachment-worthy scandal.

It’s a tried and true strategy that Democrats and their friends in the media were able to pull off with amazing success during the Bush years. But the playing field is completely different in 2017 — more people are on to their games, and we have a president who loves to fight. President Trump doesn’t crouch in a defensive posture — he goes on the offense. Good luck with that, Dems.

Now, new information has come out that throws cold water all over their phony “RussiaGate” scandal.

It turns out the senator spoke to the Russian ambassador in one of the allegedly scandalous “meetings” on the invitation of the Obama administration.

Hans A. von Spakovsky of Fox News reports (emphasis added):

So what are the two meetings that Sessions had? The first came at a conference on “Global Partners in Diplomacy,” where Sessions was the keynote speaker. Sponsored by the U.S. State Department, The Heritage Foundation, and several other organizations, it was held in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

The conference was an educational program for ambassadors invited by the Obama State Department to observe the convention. The Obama State Department handled all of the coordination with ambassadors and their staff, of which there were about 100 at the conference.

Apparently, after Sessions finished speaking, a small group of ambassadors—including the Russian ambassador—approached the senator as he left the stage and thanked him for his remarks. That’s the first “meeting.” And it’s hardly an occasion—much less a venue—in when a  conspiracy to “interfere” with the November election could be hatched.

Sessions also apparently met with the Russian ambassador in September.  But on that occasion, Sessions was acting as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, not as a surrogate for the Trump campaign. That’s why the meeting was held in his Senate office. His DOJ spokesperson, Sarah Isgur Flores, says they discussed relations between the two countries – not the election.

There was nothing unusual about this: Sessions met with more than two dozen ambassadors during 2016, including the Ukrainian ambassador the day before the meeting with the Russian ambassador.

Spakovsky notes that there is absolutely no reason for Sessions to resign. As for his recusal on the “Russia probe,”  the FBI hasn’t even forwarded an investigation file regarding Russian campaign shenanigans to his office for review. Because there’s no there there.

Meanwhile, as Erick Erickson points out, the New York Times recently reported that Obama administration staffers are the ones who have been pushing all the fake Russia stories being used against the Trump administration. And now we find out that they set up one of the so-called meetings with the Russian ambassador last July. Anyone else smell a rat?

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