Two CPD Officers Wounded in Gang Shootout

Last night, Chicago was the scene of a major shootout between Police officers and gangland hoods in an area known as Back of the Yards, a notorious neighborhood. A spokesman for the department said that while officers were responding to a call about shoots fired, they stumbled into a gunfight between two rival gangs. Officers were hunting for possible suspects Wednesday after they said two rival gangs engaged in a street battle when suddenly both gangs turned their guns on police. In the ensuing battle, the thugs succeeded in wounding two officers.


The Chicago Police later issued a Tweet reading:

CPD questioning 3 people of interest from officer shooting. 2 guns recovered thus far. We believe officers were shot by high powered weapon”


A police source told reporters from Fox News, “One officer was shot in the arm and the other was hit in the back with a shotgun blast Tuesday night on the city’s South Side. That information was later confirmed by police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, who told The Associated Press, “We believe that the officers were definitely targeted.”

Investigators believe that members of two rival gangs “La Raza” and “Saints” were engaged in the initial gun battle. But when officers arrived on the scene, both gangs decided to target the “common enemy.” Guglielmi said both officers are expected to recover. They were wearing civilian clothes at the time but had on vests with police badges on them. Their vehicle was unmarked, according to Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

As of today, investigators had questioned three people of interest and had a female in custody who may have driven one of the vehicles suspected to belong to the offenders. That vehicle and one of the rifles used in the shooting were recovered. Police said guns, ammunition and rifle magazines turned up in the house where the female was staying.

An area resident, Chris Villanueva, 36, said he was walking back to his car in a strip mall parking lot just south of the shooting scene, when he heard about a dozen rapid-fire shots. “I thought it was fireworks maybe, but around here you hear gunshots a lot,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Next thing, cops are everywhere.”

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