• May 26, 2022

U.S.Navy Overhauling Ranking For Gender Sensitivity And Simplicity

When I hear the words, “Gender Sensitive” my skin crawls. It just brings forth the feeling of “weakness”. I’m sure our enemies are far from “fear” reading stories like this about our military. I wonder how many of them are concerned about gender sensitivity? Or are they more focused on only the strong survive? Our nation deals in hurt feelings, and if leadership can figure out how to fight a war without anyone getting hurt, well then we got it made.

According to RT:

The Navy will be abolishing 241 years of tradition dating back to before the service’s inception in 1775. Rating titles were used in the old British navy to specify the post each sailor held aboard the ship in the age of sail, something the modern Navy says is no longer practical. The Navy will move from rating titles to alpha-numeric Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS). Instead of each sailor literally wearing their specialty   on his or her sleeve, they will be able to qualify for multiple specializations, while being referred to by their naval rank.

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