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Uh Oh: Berkeley Anarchists are in Trouble Now [VIDEO]

Just when the violent liberal thugs thought they would avoid punishment for their random acts of violence, the FBI has now become involved in identifying protesters so that they can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Both campus police and the city police stood down in the face of the anarchists and should also be investigated to find out if they chose to stand down on their own or whether they were ordered to do so.


The rioters did $100,000 worth of damage to the university student union building and another half a million in damages to commercial businesses located off campus.  The domestic terror groups “Black Bloc” and  “By Any Means Necessary” are considered the two main proponents of violence.

The campus newspaper, the Berkeleyside supports the violence and also praised police for standing down and allowing the vandalism and the violent assaults against those who favored a different ideology.  That’s what the Nazis in Germany asnd the fascists did in Italy.


From The Conservative Tribune:

“The campus is aware of the allegations involving someone who is a current member of the university’s workforce,” stated U.C. Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof wrote in an email to the media outlet. “UCPD is working in close concert with the FBI on an ongoing investigation into the matter.”

Mogulof also described the rioters as arriving in “military fashion,” and said that they were “well-rehearsed” and appeared to be “armed and dangerous.”

The FBI declined to share any details of an investigation, but did confirm that it had been in contact with both campus and local police with regard to the protest-turned-riot.



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