• May 30, 2023

United States And Israel Sign Landmark 10-year, $38 billion Military Aid Deal

If anyone has had any lingering doubts that the United States is the largest fasilitator of arms sales and prolonged unrest in the middle east, look no further than this story. Does it not have you thinking where  the interests of the country gravitate to? Do not forget our former Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton was privy to the sale of arms through Benghazi to what is now ISIS back in her day. Our nations leaders are selling arms to both sides of the conflict for nothing more than financial gain. It has been going on for years, with no end in sight.

According to Thefreethoughtproject:

Israel has agreed to a gradual phasing out of the practice by which as much as 26% of the U.S. aid could be spent on contracts with Israeli defense industries. Instead, all the aid will have to be spent on U.S. defense contractors who will supply Israel.In previous deals, Israel has also been able to spend up to 13% of U.S. aid on military fuel, a practice that will end with this new agreement.The new agreement will also include a decade’s worth of funding for Israeli missile defense and a pledge from Israel that it will not lobby Congress for extra money for the program. In the past, funding for Israel’s missile defense was provided in addition to the existing military aid of the agreement.

I am waiting for an explanation by liberals on their fears of Donald Trump being a risk in matters involving the military. It seems the present administration is arming our enemies better than our own nations military. But the defense contractors are having no problem taking the tax payers dollars. What do you think?


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