• June 27, 2022

University Administrators Hand Over Keys to Black Radicals

The administrators at the University of California at Santa Cruz, have officially surrendered the control of the school to black activists after agreeing to all of their demands.  The group, African/Black Student Alliance made the following four demands of the university:

1 All minority students get four years of on campus housing.

2 Create a lounge for minorities in the Rosa Parks Building.

3 Paint the building in the colors of the Pan-African liberation .

4 Force all freshmen to take a class in  “educational diversity orientation.”

The university held out a grand total of three days before capitulating to the students.  What if other groups start making their own demands?  For instance, what if democratic students were to insist that their building be covered in a white sheet, with a white hood on the top of the building complete with slits cut over the windows?

 The only television interview the group agreed to participate in was with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson. During an interview with Carlson earlier this week, one of the students told Carlson, “Having that red, black and green house in the middle of Stevenson College, which is a predominantly white-serving college, is a matter of symbolism and visibility.”

According to KSBW, the African/Black Student Alliance claims to be “a place and space for Afrikan/Black/Caribbean students to learn together, to teach together, to offer support for the various racialized macro-and-microaggressions, and also to challenge each other around some harmful ideologies we may hold toward practicing a fuller love for ALL Black people.”

The African/Black Student Alliance claims its mission is “the liberation of all black people.”

Once again, instead of asking for equal rights, a group is demanding special rights in the name of social justice.

H/T The Blaze

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