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UPS Driver Bangs On Door And When Woman Opens It She Discovers A Terrifying Scene Taking Place

When one UPS driver began to knock on one woman’s house it wasn’t for a package delivery, but something far more dangerous. When the woman opened the door to discover what the UPS driver wanted she saw a terrifying scene unfolding that she will never forget.


Here is more from TapHaps:

Paul Pereira, a UPS driver of 22 years, was headed for his last stop as he wrapped up his route for the day when a frightening scene caught his eye as he came around a corner, cruising through Haverhill, Massachusetts. What he saw had him bringing his big brown truck to a screeching halt as he leaped out the door and ran across the busy street and through a stranger’s front lawn.

With his heart pounding, he mounted the steps and reached the door. Paul immediately began to bang frantically, screaming for anyone inside to open up. Paul was on the front porch of Brian and Tracy Lavender’s house, and he was desperate to get the attention of whoever might be home.

Brian’s wife Tracy and his daughter Emily were home when the panicked knocking began. They had thought someone was barbequing, but they were about to open the door to a terrifying sight and realize just how wrong they had been. Paul had spotted a roaring fire on their front porch, which was engulfed in flames, threatening to send the entire home up in smoke, and the Lavenders had to get out.

Watch the video here!

Thank goodness this UPS driver arrived when he did!


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