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Va Gov Terry McAuliffe Investigated for Corruption and the Sun Will Rise in the East


It has become known that the feds are investigating Terry McAuliffe and the donations he received for his run for governor.  The details are insignificant.  It’s like a broken record with McAuliffe.  Everything he touches, he corrupts.  He was the bagman for the Clintons and was the head of the DNC.

Here are other scandals McAuliffe has been involved with:

If President Ronald Reagan were still alive, he would look at Terry McAuliffe and say, “There you go again.”  McAuliffe, who was involved in the Global Crossing Scandal, after having made 18 million dollars on a $100,000 dollar investment in a company that went bankrupt and investors were bilked out of their money.  McAuliffe was with Global Crossing for only 6 months but made a profit of 17.9 million.  Sound shady?  It gets worse.  McAuliffe arranged a golf outing between President Clinton and Global Crossing CEO, Gary Winnick.  Winnick contributed 1 million to the Clinton Presidential Library and a few weeks later, Global Crossing got a 400 million dollar contract from the Pentagon, courtesy of the commander and thief.

McAuliffe has strong ties to the Clintons.  He was the chairman of the Clinton Legal Defense Fund in the Monica Lewinsky scandal and he was the big money man for the 2008 failed attempt by Hillary to become president.  McAuliffe was handpicked by the Clintons to become the head of the DNC. McAuliffe was investigated for collecting a contingency fee when a government agency signed a 15 year, 187 million dollar lease, which is illegal  The law was set up to keep the politically connected from profiting from their connections.  The DOJ refused to release details of the investigation until after the 1996 election.  (Is it just me or do democrats do this all the time?)  Janet Reno, owner of the Waco BBQ Cult and Grill, dropped the investigation.

Then there was the IBEW(International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)  land scam.  American Capitol Management Company, owned by McAuliffe, entered into a partnership with the IBEW pension fun, run by close McAuliffe friend Jack Moore.  The union pension fund put up 39 million dollars and McAuliffe put up $100 dollars and the deal called for both parties owning a 50% stake in the company and all profits would be split evenly.  A second deal saw the union put up another 10 million for a second land deal.  After a short while the union bought out McAuliffe’s shares in two purchases of 2.45 million.  Not a bad return on just $100 dollars.

Moore and another official were found to be liable and had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution and the union had to reimburse the pension fund to the tune of 5 million dollars.  Again, McAuliffe walked away scot free with almost 2.5 million dollars profit.

Now, McAuliffe is embroiled in yet another scandal.  He and Hillary’s brother Anthony were involved in another money scam in which they were to build the MyCar.  The Mycar is supposedly an electric car.  Funny thing is, when you Google the company, you can find that they purchased a building, but you can’t find mention of the fact that they have built any cars, sold any cars, or even opened the plant for manufacturing.  The only MyCar even in existence as far as I could find is one they parade to different symposiums on electric cars.  (That means they have built 231 less cars than Fisker)

There is a federal program called EB-5.  This program awards green cards for investments in the US.  McAuliffe was using the enticement of EB-5 to lure Chinese investors.  A reported 20 million has been raised by Rodham, through his Gulf Coast Funds Management,  of which none of the money has been turned over to Green Tech.  Green Tech announced their plant in 2010 and to date have not released the number of cars manufactured or sold.

Anthony Rodham has a bit of history behind him too.  He was married to Barbara Boxer’s daughter and in 2007, was cited for being a deadbeat dad, owing about $158,000.  Anthony Rodham also cashed in big when President Bill Clinton (Hillary’s figurehead) signed pardons for some of his clients.  He received about 200g each from Almon Glenn Braswell, who was convicted of perjury and mail fraud, and Carlos Vignali, whose sentence was commuted for cocaine trafficking.  Rodham also collected $244,769 from carnival owners Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory.  Rodham was later sued by their estae.  They claimed $107,000 was a loan.  Rodham settled out of court.

My prediction is no matter who else is found guilty, McAuliffe will get a pass and start fundraising for the Obama propaganda site.

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