• May 24, 2024

Valerie Jarrett’s Past Exposed

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I will reveal some things you may not know about Barack Obama’s boss.  I guess the best place to start would be in Chicago.

In 1992, Jarrett joined a real estate investment firm called Habitat Company, founded by Daniel Levin.  Levin and his wife, Fay Hartog Levin, have contributed 1 million dollars to democrats since 1989.  This includes 25,000 dollars each from Levin and his wife.  Coincidentally,  Fay was appointed by Obama to be the ambassador to The Netherlands.  (I wonder if she brings Obama’s choom from Amsterdam in her diplomatic pouch)  Habitat Company has a long and storied history of being one of Chicago’s foremost slumlords.


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The last building of Cabrini Green 

The Cabrini Green Neighborhood is a first class example of this.   It has been described as the perfect example of urban decay.  Valerie Jarrett ran this project as head of Habitat Company.  A 2003 Harvard Law Revue article described it as an example of what happens when public housing is privitized.

In 1997, part of the area was designated as a blighted area and thousands of tenants were displaced and sent to even worse housing.

In addition, another Habitat Company property called, Grove Parc which was a federally subsidized housing project, more aptly described as a slum.  HUD had to use your tax dollars, 30.1 million to be exact, to tear the entire complex down and rebuilt it in 2011.Valerie Jarrett also ran Chicago Hospital. Under her leadership, an employee incorporated a policy of patient dumping.  That employee’s name was Michelle Obama .  Her assistant was one David Axlerod.  Chicago Hospital is a public hospital, therefore they are obligated to provide emergency services, regardless of the person’s ability to pay.  Michelle began redirecting the poor to local free clinics and hospitals of questionable quality.Another interesting coincidence is the day that Barack Obama won a seat in the US Senate, Valerie Jarrett gave Michelle a raise from $121, 910 dollars a year in 2004to $316,962 dollars in 2006.  Coincidentally, Obama put in a 1 million dollar earmark for a new pavilion at Chicago Hospital.  I am almost positive the two actions were not related.  (choke choke)

When Jarrett was appointed as an advisor to Obama, she claimed she had an 11% stake in a project worth $250,001 in 2010 and between 1 and 5 million in 2011.  Besides this money, she was paid a salary of $302,000 and “deferred” money of $556,000.  Why was this money “deferred”?  My guess is because as compensation for future favors, the money would be illegal.

Since entering the White House, Jarrett has continued to draw attention due to the contraversy she brings wherever she goes.  It’s no secret that she is the de facto Chief of Staff as witnessed by Bill Daley after he was thrown off and under the bus after an altercation with Jarrett. We also know that three times, she talked Obama out of giving the order to kill Osama Bin Laden.  The real courageousness of Obama’s decision was to buck Jarrett.  Bin Laden was a pushover.

While neither Obama nor Clinton could be found, who sat in the situation room as the Benghazi attack was occurring?  Valerie Jarrett.  The question is why was she there and did she make any decisions that by law, only the president can make?  We’ll never know the answer to that question.

You have to wonder if Obama ever gets indicted for his crimes , whether he would be able to plea bargain by naming higher ups such as Jarrett and George Soros.

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