Venezuelan Woman Issues Dire Warning: Revolution Starts with Statues Being Destroyed [WATCH]

A young woman originally from Venezuela has issued a dire warning to Americans who remain apathetic about the mass destruction of statues and monuments taking place across the United States.


In a video posted to TikTok last week, Elizabeth Rogliani explained why she cares about “some silly little statues coming down or some silly little street names changing.”

“It’s because the last time I didn’t care about this, I was a teenager. I have already lived through this thing when I was living in Venezuela,” she said.

“Statues came down, [former Venezuelan President Hugo] Chavez didn’t want that history displayed. And then he changed the street names.”

Rogliani warned that this led to a slippery slope: “Then came the curriculum, then some movies couldn’t be shown on certain TV channels, and so on and so forth.”

The young woman proceeded to deliver a message to Americans who think that the horrors that have become a part of daily life in Venezuela will never happen in the United States: “You guys think it can’t happen to you. I’ve heard this so many times. But always be on guard. Never believe something can’t happen to you.”

“You need to guard your country and your society or it will be destroyed,” said Rogliani, who explained that many Venezuelans disregarded Cubans’ warnings about the emergence of socialism and totalitarianism.

“That’s not going to happen here,” Venezuelans said to themselves at the time, according to Rogliani. “Yet it happened.”

As her video concluded, Rogliani warned that “there’s clearly a lot of people wanting to destroy the U.S.”

Sadly, the mission to “destroy the U.S.” appears to be moving full steam ahead, and as Rogliani told Fox News host Laura Ingraham this week, it could lead the U.S. toward a “cultural revolution.”

In recent weeks, far-left mobs have targeted statues of historical figures indiscriminately, as the statue demolition derby has extended far beyond its supposed original mandate of removing monuments to Confederate leaders.




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