• December 10, 2023

[Video] Alabama Student Caught On Video Being Tasered And Beaten By Police

Disturbing video emerged Sunday showing Tuscaloosa, Ala. police officers ripping a University of Alabama student out of his apartment before tasering and beating him.

Videos recorded from outside of the apartment, which is located near the school’s campus, also show other officers joining in the altercation and beating the student with a club or flashlight.

The Tuscaloosa police department is conducting an internal investigation of the incident, which occurred at around 3 a.m.

The full context of the incident is not clear, though students at the apartment said that police were responding to a noise complaint. The videos begin as a police officer is attempting to arrest a man who reportedly lives at the apartment. He refused to step outside of the domicile, saying he had done nothing wrong. The officer is heard saying that the man had grabbed his arm, though witnesses filming the incident disputed the claim.

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