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[VIDEO] Author Demonizing Trump Flips Out When Carlson Read This



Author and racial activist Tariq Nasheed appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show on Monday night.  While he was there, he did what he always does, he lies.  He repeated the now debunked story about Steven Bannon being connected to the alt right movement and with racists, “Throwing up the Nazi salute.”  This is page 8 of the liberal playbook.  One makes up a total lie, then all the other liberals referred to it even after it’s proven to be a lie.

Later in the show, Nasheed accused Carlson of “tokenizing” Ben Carson.  That’s when Carlson started reading from a book Nasheed wrote:

“Chapter 6: Guaranteed Ways To Get Sex From Women.”

“In this chapter, I will give you tried and proven techniques that will help you talk a woman into giving it up.  I will also give you precise rebuttals to every objection a woman may have to giving it up.”

“You say, ‘the number one lame thing men say to get sex? I love you.’ You describe this as the ‘bold lie approach.  If a woman isn’t ready for sex you 1) question her maturity 2) minimize the significance of sex and 3) tell her what you want to hear.”

Carlson turns to Nasheed and asks him:

“You’re advocating lying to take advantage of women sexually. This is in your book. I’m not misquoting it.  Why should we believe anything that you say if you’re counseling people to say ‘I love you’ and lie to women in order to get them in bed?”

Nasheed: “Tucker, the fact that you’re that desperate to get one of my books — it’s a book on satire, it’s a tongue-in-cheek  book, it was written in a comedic fashion — the fact that you’re getting that to try to justify disenfranchising me to try to–”

Carlson then tried to read an interview of Nasheed in which he said it was a serious book but Nasheed got scared and quit letting Carlson to speak:

“Don’t be a sucker, Tucker. Don’t be a sucker, Tucker. That’s so cheap.”

“Tucker I’m trying to talk about systemic white supremacy.  You’re trying to discredit me by taking a quote from my book which is tongue-in-cheek, which is about relationships a lot of the book is satire.”

Actually Carlson let his own words discredit Nasheed.


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