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[VIDEO] BEWARE: If a Deliveryman Says He Needs a Signature, You Could Die



If someone shows up at your house in a UPS suit , with a package and tells you he needs a signature, look out your window and make sure you can see his truck.  Home invaders are using this trick to gain access to people’s homes.  Once you open the door, the deliveryman forces it open and then his gang rushes in behind him.  Now, they can take their time and pick your home clean of it’s valuables and your life could be in danger.

As frightening as such an event seems, there are a couple of relatively simple things most homeowners can do to guard against such an occurrence, according to the Independent Journal Review.

First and foremost, if an unexpected deliveryman appears at the front door, homeowners should look behind the individual to see if they can spot the big brown UPS truck or the similarly recognizable Fed-Ex or USPS delivery trucks.

Additionally, homeowners should check to see if the delivery person is carrying one of the increasingly more common handheld tracking computers, or alternatively can ask to see an ID from the individual before opening the door.

Furthermore, homeowners can sometimes avoid having packages delivered to their home at all, opting instead to pick the package up on their own time at a central location like a UPS or Fed-Ex store or at their local post office.

Hopefully the men who pulled off this brazen heist will soon be identified and apprehended and held to account for their criminal actions.

In the meantime, stay armed if you prefer, keep your head on a swivel and a close eye out for other criminals who may attempt to copy this tactic in future home invasions. And don’t open your door for strangers unless you are certain of their identity and intentions.

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