• May 25, 2022

[VIDEO] Biker Gets Revenge On Road Rager Who Threw Bottle At Him

In the helmet-cam video below, a motorcyclist is passed by a driver of a mini-van who leans out the window with their phone in hand, presumably texting or taking a photograph. The motorcyclist flips the driver a middle finger, then speeds up to give the mini-van owner a talking to through the window.

Instead of yelling out the window, the driver pelts a water bottle at the motorcyclist, who is un-steadied by the way the bottle hits him. Luckily he doesn’t hit the tarmac.

The next portion of the clip shows the rider pulling off to dirt side road, finding an ideal golf ball sized rock and tucking it inside his jacket pocket.

After tailing his target for around twenty minutes the mini-van starts to slow down in order to pull into a parking lot.

The motorcyclist then rides up alongside the left side of the driver’s mini-van, hand at the ready and throws the rock squarely at the driver side window, smashing it completely open. He then drives away at high speed, away from the scene.

Replayed images of the drive-by rocking shows the projectile clearly smashing through the window.

Do you think the motorcyclist was justified in the way he got revenge over the mini-van driver throwing a bottle at him? Let us know in the comments!

Watch the video below:

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