• May 27, 2024

[Video] Black Lives Matter in D.C. Blocks Elderly Man Police Refuse to Help


An elderly man was walking down the street and he came upon a BLM protest.  BLM was letting blacks through, but blocked whites, making them go out of their way.  The man called a policeman over and he did nothing.

From The Blaze:

As Black Lives Matter protesters blocked streets and sidewalks in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, one exchange between an elderly man and protesters was caught on video near Union Station.

The man wanted to walk down a sidewalk on his way to work, WTTG-TV reported, but Black Lives Matter protesters were blocking it and wouldn’t let him through.

“Walk around! Walk around! Walk around!” protesters chanted, as they sidestepped with outstretched arms, mirroring the elderly man’s maneuvers to try and find a way through.

“I don’t wanna walk around, I wanna walk this way,” the man said, pointing down the blocked sidewalk.

The protesters didn’t budge: “Use your white privilege to walk around, sir,” one protester was heard saying.

The man then flagged down a police officer, telling him he wanted to walk through, as new chants of “we see your white privilege” were heard.

After the officer approached the group and spoke to a woman who appeared to be in charge, she told the elderly man not to put his hands on the protesters and they wouldn’t put their hands on him.

“I’m not gonna touch anybody,” the man replied. “Can I walk through?”

“Would you take a block for white privilege?” the woman asked him.

“No,” the man answered. “Can I walk through?”

“You can go that direction,” the woman replied, nixing the man’s request, as he shook his head and walked down another block.

BLM protesters should not be able to block law abiding citizens and that cop should be suspended.

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