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Video Clips of Biden Denial Go Viral: “Now We Know Why Joe Got So Angry!”

Joe Biden isn’t used to answering hard questions. He gets softball questions from the media who protect him from being exposed as a corrupt career politician.


That’s why the series of clips below has gone viral. With over 1 million views, the video shows an angry Biden deflecting questions about his knowledge of Hunter Biden’s involvement with foreign companies.

Now that damaging emails have exposed Hunter Biden’s corruption, it’s easier to see why Biden was so angry:

Just last night, Biden got testy with a reporter:

CBS reporter Bo Erickson tweeted out a video tonight of Joe Biden lashing out at him, saying, “I knew you’d ask it.”

I asked Joe Biden: What is your response to the NYPost story about your son, sir?

He called it a “smear campaign” and then went after me. “I know you’d ask it. I have no response; it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

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