• June 20, 2024

[VIDEO] College Student Pepper Sprayed For ‘Obstruction’ of Security Guard’s Questioning

Student Jeffrey Michel was recently pepper sprayed by campus police at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, New Jersey.

The incident was caught on video (below) last Friday by Victor Cordero, who posted it on his Facebook page and wrote:

Police brutality is a growing epidemic in this country. An innocent student Jeffrey Michel who came to campus at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft New Jersey to do nothing but study for his education in nursing to help provide for his 2 year old daughter, was harassed and unlawfully arrested and never once read his rights.

In the video, Michel asks the police numerous times what law he has broken, notes PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com.

 After several minutes, a female officer finally tells Michel that he is being arrested for “obstruction of our questioning.”

Michel asks the female officer what law that is, and she responds, “You don’t want to provide us with ID, or your name, and you have to.”

After the police pepper spray Michel, they tell him that he is being arrested for resisting arrest.

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