• December 3, 2022

[VIDEO] Comedian Katt Williams Sucker Punches SEVENTH-GRADER, Then Gets His ASS KICKED By The Boy!

On Wednesday, a  series of videos were posted online that have since gone viral. The videos show what transpired after the embattled 42-year-old comedian, Katt Williams sucker punched a seventh grader. The altercation ultimately ended with Williams getting his ass kicked…by a SEVENTH GRADER.

This is yet another embarrassing moment Williams can add to his resumé, and perhaps his stand-up routine on how to keep from getting your ass kicked by a teen still in puberty.

It is unclear where the fight took place — New York Daily News reports Florida, TMZ reports Atlanta, Georgia — but what is clear is that Williams sucker-punches the young teen after an apparent confrontation. That’s when the teen, unfazed, apparently takes Williams down to the ground in a choke-hold.

The pair are eventually separated by onlookers. The teen hasn’t yet been identified but is apparently named Luke.

After the scuffle, Williams seemed to be in a daze, as if he were stunned from getting his ass whipped by a 7th-grader:


According to TMZ, police have reviewed the footage and launched a criminal investigation into Williams’ behavior.

The comedian is currently out on bail on multiple assault charges, and his bail could be revoked if he fails to stay out of trouble.

Williams has had a troubled history with law enforcement. Just last week, a woman filed a battery lawsuit against the comedian in Los Angeles, accusing him of assaulting her and a group of women after she used his private bathroom.

The woman, Jamila Majesty, was reportedly beaten for nearly three hours and accused Williams of burning her face with a lit cigarette, causing permanent facial scarring.

Earlier this month, Williams reportedly got into an altercation at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia, when he allegedly sucker-punched a man onstage and took a beating afterward.

In October 2014, Williams was arrested along with music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight when the pair were accused of robbing a woman of her camera in an alley in Beverly Hills. When he was arrested, Williams was at an Inglewood courthouse facing an arraignment on two counts of felony assault over a July incident in which he allegedly pepper-sprayed a man and tried to run him over with his car.

In 2012, Williams was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly striking a man in the head with a bottle.

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