• October 4, 2023

Video- Congressional Gun Grabber’s Double Standards Uncovered

Congressional Gun Grabber’s Double Standards Uncovered
Congressional Gun Grabber’s Double Standards Uncovered

In a follow up to Project Veritas’s Citizens Against Senseless Gun Violence video from 2012, Project Veritas journalists decided to return to the homes of America’s top anti-Second Amendment Democrats to find out if they would live according to the words they speak.

After the Orlando terror attack, Democrats stormed Congress for sit-ins and other protests in favor of gun control, refusing to participate in legislation measures until a gun control bill was passed.

In a new video, Project Veritas set its sights on top gun control advocates in Congress to see how they felt when placed in the same position as those who fall victim within Gun-Free Zones. The people who died in the Orlando Pulse terror attack died in a building where firearms aren’t allowed. Project Veritas put that same concept to the test with some of America’s most fervent advocates for gun control.

Posing as “Citizens Against Senseless Violence,” Project Veritas citizen journalists went door-to-door in New York and Washington, D.C. to see which outspoken champions for gun control would be willing to declare their own home as a “Gun-Free Zone” by placing a sign on their lawn.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee believes that “we need to have, of course, our gun safety measures should be passed.” However, when Project Veritas journalists visited her office to see if she would put a sign in front of her office or home, her communications director said no, “I’m actually a gun owner.”

When Project Veritas journalists encountered Congressman Charles Rangel, he refused to take the sign, despite saying that he agreed with the cause, saying “I had a tough election. Very emotional political time. This is my home I have a guest I need a little privacy. And I’m 100 percent on board with the issue, so why don’t you go where people need a little pushing.”

A revelation took place in the office of Congressman John Conyers. His legislative assistant, Erik Sperling said the following when asked if Conyers would put the “Gun-Free Home” sign in front of his house: “He is from Detroit. I never even thought about this angle. This is almost… I am a big gun control advocate. This is a new angle that had not thought of and it makes me almost nervous like… That house, I would like it to say, you know, ‘Armed security, stay back.’ My boss, he is such a legit guy.”

An intern for Conyers followed up on the invitation to have a “Gun-Free Home” sign in Conyers’s home, adding, “I feel like that would unnecessarily make my home a target.”

“Clearly these Democratic Congressmen and women who are fighting for gun control are adamantly opposed to the idea of placing themselves within a gun-free zone and announcing it to the world, primarily for security reasons. The hypocrisy of the anti-gun lobby is a weapon in itself, and a great threat to the American public,” said Project Veritas President James O’Keefe.

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