• June 17, 2024

[Video] Cop Who Was being Strangled Saved By Prisoners in Jail


CCTV caught an inmate at the Mahoning County jail in Ohio trying to strangle a cop in an effort to escape.  Fortunately the cop had people ready to back him up.  As Lucky Mitchell was strangling Deputy Anthony Lucas, the other inmates in the jail came to his rescue and they subdued Mitchell before he could seriously injure Lucas.

From The Mail Online:

Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene said: ‘He asked the officer working the pod at the time if he could get him some toilet paper and when he was getting him the toilet paper, he asked him to look up on the computer when his next court date was.

‘It was a pretty intense altercation that took place and I’m sure when an officer has somebody try to slip something over their head to choke them with, they’re gonna end up fighting pretty hard for their life.’

Mitchell is believed to have only suffered bumps and bruises in the altercation.


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