• May 18, 2022

[VIDEO] Diver Survives Deadly Great-White Shark Attack Inside ” Shark Proof” Cage

Have you ever wanted to climb in a “cage-proof” shark cage to swim with a Great-White shark? After seeing this video it may change your mind.

In the video, which was shot off Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, a great white shark is first seen grabbing some bait attached to a long pole. The massive creature lunged at the bait and its momentum drove the shark into and through the metal bars on one side of the cage.

Since sharks are not capable of swimming backwards, the gigantic fish is seen thrashing around inside the cage. Eventually, after the top of the enclosure was opened by deck hands, the shark found its way out of the metal cage and swam away.

Seconds later, a diver with a professional camera rig is seen popping up from inside the cage. He reportedly escaped through the bottom and waited until the great white shark swam out of the top of the cage before returning and climbing to safety on the boat.

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