• June 21, 2024

[VIDEO] Ferguson City Council Meeting: “If Darren Wilson Get Off . . . It’s Going Down”!

If you think that the situation in Ferguson died down, then you are terribly mistaken. While coverage by the media has definitely fizzled out, the anger permeating the streets of Ferguson still remains as fresh as day-old dog food. For example, on Tuesday evening (9/16/14) the city held yet another completely pointless council meeting about the Mike Brown situation, which as you know by now Attorney General Eric Holder is personally investigating.

So what happened in absurd, complete waste-of-time meeting? I thought you’d never ask! According to Weasel Zippers, Alderman Antonio French tweeted live updates from the meeting, and well, what he tweeted…was to be expected.

Watch, listen, and see how people act when they want vengeance rather than justice, often confusing the two.

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