• March 31, 2023

[VIDEO] Florida Democrat Wins a Term in Correctional Facility in a Landslide


A Kissimmee commissioner, Sara Shaw, a democrat,  is prison bound after being arrested for fraud and theft.  Her boyfriend, Peter Sendtko, 42, was also arrested.  Both were charged with using a deceased woman’s identification number and grand theft.  Sendtko was also charged with selling stolen property when he sold the deceased woman’s car to his mother for $500.  The couple were living in a house owned by the deceased woman and paid about $4600 dollars in utility bills from the woman’s bank account.

Shaw was picked up in 2014 for speeding.  She was charged with driving at 105 MPH but she swore she was only driving 85MPH:

From The Orlando Sentinel:

Kissimmee police began investigating in September 2015 after FDLE received an anonymous tip about the couple living in a residence on Mill Slough Road that was owned by a woman who died four years earlier. The utilities continued to be paid by automatic withdrawals from the dead woman’s bank account totaling more than $4,600.

“In April 2014, the couple moved into the residence without permission and filed an adverse possession without color of title with Osceola County Property Appraisers in an attempt to establish ownership of [the woman’s] residence,” FDLE said in a news release.

She ran for Florida House District 43 against an incumbent in August but lost.

Her city commission term expires in November. Representatives from the city did not immediately return a call for comment.

Democrats are writing a bill, claiming racism in sentencing.  They claim democrats are twenty two times more likely to be sentenced to prison for non violent offenses.

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