• May 31, 2023

[VIDEO] Girl Throws a Shock Into Her Cheating Boyfriend


A girl in Las Vegas knew that her boyfriend was cheating on her and she decided that she would surprise him and catch him in the act.  Evidentally, she wanted to document the encounter and she brought someone to record everything that happened.  She got out of her car and walked up to the door and gave it a couple of bangs and then let herself in.  Sure enough, he was on the couch with another girl laying across him.  (Both clothed)

After seeing her boyfriend on the sofa with another woman, she shouts: 'Who the f*** is she?' 

her boyfriend denied that she was his girl but his girlfriend didn’t believe him and she decided to give his last Christmas present to her back to him…sort of.  He had given her a Taser and he went right for the crotch.

Ignoring her boyfriend's protestations, Mandie tasers him in the groinAlthough some social media users have suggested the video is 'fake', many have praised Mandie for her actions.


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