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[VIDEO] Man Sentenced to 13 Years For Pedophilia at Age of 101



Ralph Clarke, who is 101 years old, has been given 13 years in prison for the sexual molestation of two young girls and a boy, all siblings between 1974 and 1983.  He is believed to be the oldest man ever sentenced for a crime in England.  He was honored in the local paper on his 100th birthday.  The siblings saw it and went to the police and filed a complaint.  A jury of six men and six women voted for conviction.

The incidents involved Clarke molesting and then beating, bribing, and otherwise abusing two sisters and their brother inside the cab of his truck and a garden shed multiple times between 1974 and 1983.

The victims only came forward last year after seeing the tributes celebrating Clarke’s 100th birthday on Facebook.

At the end of Clarke’s trial this month, a jury of six men and six women found him guilty. Clarke reportedly shook his head when the verdict was read, saying, “No, no, no.” Clarke’s victims were on hand for the verdict, as well. The women and man, now in their forties and fifties, wept upon hearing justice being served.

Judge Richard Bond QC is reported to have said to Clarke: “You present as a fragile old man; however, what was plain to see was that, despite your guilty pleas, you have no remorse whatsoever.”

A representative from England’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children added: “This case sends out a clear message that it is never too late for survivors of abuse to speak out. The trial could not have happened without their courage, and it is vital they now get the support they need to help them move forward with their lives.”

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