• July 3, 2022

[VIDEO] Massive Voter Fraud Discovered in Nevada…Physical Proof


Recently, Megan Barth interviewed Stan Vaughn , a candidate in the November election in Nevada.  He brought in physical proof that wholesale fraud had been committed in the election there.  In District 15, Nevada, there were 17,086 votes cast.  Confirmation letters were sent out, with 9,200 coming back.  Some were marked deceased, five were returned as the address was a vacant lot and a variety of celebrities including Edward Snowden,  Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and dozens of movie stars.

To check on whether it was registration fraud or voter fraud, Vaughn compared 200 names from the returned confirmations to the list of people who voted.  185 of the 200 he checked cast votes.  There were also many provisional ballots given out to voters who came to vote, only to find out a vote had already been cast in their name.

This was the first election in 108 that Nevada didn’t go to the winner.  Although if the election had been fair, they might have picked the winner again.  Consider this, Trump lost by 27,000.  In District 15 alone there is over 9,000 votes being disputed.  Trump only lost the state by 27,000 votes.  Do the math yourself.

Vaughn has turned his evidence over to the State Attorney general’s office, who has forwarded it to Clark County election officials, who will do nothing but perhaps the new US Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions will take it up once he takes over.

I did a story earlier in the year that foresaw voter fraud because Clinton was already committing fraud in Nevada in voter registration.  To read about it, click on the following title:


Think Hillary Will Cheat in Nevada? She Already Has and Been Caught


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