• May 16, 2022

[VIDEO] Mika Brzezinski Dumps on Hillary and Her Supporters


Mika Brzezinski is angry at Hillary and her supporters who pretend the email scandal isn’t serious.  Especially since thew Clinton Crime Syndicate knew from the 1st day that it was illegal. We know that because we read their emails on Wikileaks.

“I just remember being absolutely stunned about this private server, and I remember her press conference that she had and seeing her supporters after saying, ‘well it must have been secure.  There’s just so much assumption going on here when it just seems like they did something so out of bounds to obviously protect some sort of interest, and now it all seems very clear what was going on.”

“People behind her campaign — ”,  people who wanted her to win, like me.”

“Knew it was wrong and were very upset by it.  Which of course makes all the hacks on the outside saying, ‘there’s nothing to see here, move along.’ Just shut up. That’s stupid.”

“It is a big deal.”


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