• September 30, 2022

[VIDEO] Miss Hawaii Asked To Pick: Trump Or Hillary? What She Said Was Priceless!

Since when does the Miss USA contest get sooooo political? This year’s BEAUTY contest certainly was full of loaded questions. This year’s crop of contestants handled them with grace an dignity and a bit of “in your face.” Good for them!

Was the audience booing Trump’s name? Hillary’s?

Likely the former, not the latter.

Though, is this really a question for a beauty pageant?

Shouldn’t who a person votes for be secret? It’s pretty personal.

No matter what answer Chelsea gave she would’ve alienated half of the audience (if not more), which wouldn’t have made her look good.

This isn’t a political debate. Was the next question going to be, ‘What are your plans for dealing with radical Islamic terrorism?’

Come on. Yet, anytime I get to stare at Julianne Hough for a minute I’ll take it!


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