• December 5, 2021

[Video] North Carolina Cop Shoots Woman With a Meat Cleaver

liar for hire

Liar for Hire Claims the Officer’s life was not in danger

The Greensboro, North Carolina Police Department received a call from a woman who said that Chieu Di Thi Vo, 46, was chasing her mother around with a knife.  The weapon turned out to be a meat cleaver with an 8 inch blade.  In the video, the officer is heard asking where Vo was.  When he found her, she charged at him.  You can hear the officer tell her to drop the weapon several times, which she refused to do as she continued to bear down on the officer, who was forced to shoot her.  Vo died from the gunshot wound.

Relatives and neighbors claimed the officer did not have to shoot the woman and they are correct.  He could have allowed her to hack him to pieces.

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