• May 17, 2022

[VIDEO] Obama Does Not Ask Refugees if They Have Radical Views


Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Population, Refugees, and Migrants of the U.S. Department of State Simon Henshaw testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Sen Jeff Sessions grilled him:

Sessions: “Do you take into consideration the applicant’s proficiency in English or even their literacy with regard to the country from which they come?”

Henshaw: “Our decisions to bring in refugees are based on their vulnerabilities.”

Sessions: “Do you make any inquiry about practices that we reject in the United States like female genital mutilation? Do you say, ‘do you believe in that and when you come to the United States will you comply with the laws of the United States on that kind of question?’”

Henshaw: “On all questions, we make it clear to refugees that we are a nation of laws and that they need to comply with our laws.”

Sessions: “But you don’t ask them whether they would comply with that law?”

Henshaw: “I can’t answer that question I don’t know.”

In liberal speak “I don’t know” means “of course, we don’t”



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