• June 28, 2022

[VIDEO] Ohio State Gives Tutorial on Ending Student Protests and Occupation


Students at colleges and universities all over America have protested and occupied major school facilities making a boatload of demands.  On Wednesday they tried that at Ohio State University.  The students took over the area just outside of president Michael V. Drake’s office late Wednesday night experienced a surprise .  Instead of being coddled and given a free safe space or two, they were given a choice.  They could pack up their demands and leave or the could be arrested and discharged.  One student asked what discharged meant.  He was told expulsion from the school.

Their list of demands included, “complete, comprehensive and detailed access to the Ohio State budget and investments immediately,” divestment from Caterpillar Inc. and Hewlett Packard because of  the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and increased purchases of organic, locally-grown food.  The assorted groups of protesters ( about 100) set up an open mic and a couple of professors joined them as they complained that the university refuses to hear their complaints.  They soon found out what it was like to be Michigan football players on the last game of the season.
That was at 3:30.  Soon thereafter, the Ohio senior vice president of administration, Jay Casey told them point blank it was time to leave.  They asked what would happen if they didn’t.  Casey said:

“Our police officers will physically pick you up and take you to a paddy wagon, and take you to be arrested.”

“If you are here at five o’clock, our current philosophy is we are going to take you out — escort you out of the building and arrest you. You will be discharged from school also.”

“I want you to make good decisions. You’re smart kids.” 

“We simply tell you the truth and you live with your action.”

These guys don’t play.  Now, be honest.  How many of you are laughing right now?  If they wanted to run the university, they should have attended Harvard or Michigan.

Here is the video:





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