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[VIDEO] Racist Much? Chris Matthews Asks ‘Who Is Going to Watch Two Cuban Guys Debate?’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews bashed the idea of a Donald Trump-free Republican debate Tuesday, asking why anyone would care about a debate between “the Cuban guys.”

“Who is going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?” the Hardball host said dismissively. “Who is going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Who cares?”

“You know they’ve been fighting in this inter-league fight over who is the hawkish guy, or whatever. Who is going to watch that Thursday night?” he asked.

In 2015, Matthews said that he did not know if Cruz and Rubio, both of whom are Cuban-American, should even be considered Hispanic:

What’s particularly ironic is how the liberal left can get by with saying such things but if someone else does, the liberal media will be tripping all over themselves to be the first outlet to lambaste the guilty individual.


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