• May 29, 2023

[Video] Russia Taunts Obama With Naval Convoy Passing In British Waters

 Are any of you “Obamaites and Clintonites” paying attention to what is going on in the Middle East? Are you in any way paying attention to America’s involvement, and if  politics do not get in the way, a large situation will be unleashed upon the United States, possibly with Hillary in charge? The Kremlin is sending the full might of its Northern Fleet and part of the Baltic Fleet to reinforce a final assault on the city of Aleppo in a fortnight, according to Western intelligence. The final bombardment is designed to shore up the Assad regime by wiping out rebels – paving the way for a Russian exit from the civil war.

According to Telegraph.co.uk:

Mr Obama said: “Mr Trump’s continued flattery of Mr Putin and the degree to which he appears to model many of his policies and approaches to politics on Mr Putin … is out of step with not just what Democrats think but out of step with what up until the last few months, almost every Republican thought.”

Senior Royal Navy officers expect the task force to sail past the UK as early as Thursday in a show of strength dismissed as “posturing” by defense sources.  This war in Syria has to end, it has the world unsettled to the point of mass migration, not to mention the deaths of tens of thousands in Syria. All because of the arms deals that stretch back to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Benghazi. That is why the hearing Trey Gowdy has been addressing are so important. To reveal the corruption of the U.S. government under the Obama/Clinton Administration. Do you wish to go to war for their lust of power and greed? I for one will not support it


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