• July 3, 2022

[VIDEO] Sally Field: Stupid is as Stupid Does


Sally Field is puzzled.  She opened a box of chocolates and doesn’t know what she has found.  One day the world was perfect with a treasonous woman who put her office up for sale, who described the American middle class as deplorables and the next, Donald Trump is president.  It makes no sense in her elitist world.  She and her fellow Hollywood denizens ordered the little people to vote Hillary.  Isn’t that enough?

, “If you look at his past, if you look at his history, there is no evidence that he can do one single thing that he says he’s going to do,” said Field, becoming increasingly passionate as she spoke. “He has shown to be everything that he accuses and has accused Hillary Clinton of being. It is now evident he is all of those things, every single thing that he accused her of.”

For the record, Donald Trump accused her of lying about her emails and putting the country’s secrets at risk.  When exactly did Trump do that Ms Field.  He accused her of being ineffective as a Senator, the naming of one post office not withstanding.  He may never have named a post office, but he has built some of the most elegant hotels in the world.  And he finished them on time and under budget.  He accused her of wanting to repeal the second amendment and excuse me if I;m wrong, but he hasn’t grabbed a single gun yet.

“I want to know what other people are thinking. I want to know why they voted for this man who does not stand for anything,” she said. “I don’t think that all the people who voted for him are bad and horrible people, I just don’t understand it.”

So, she doesn’t think all the people who voted for Trump are horrible people.  What percentage of the people does she think are horrible?  20%? 30%? 90%?  The middle class in this country just underwent the worst eight years of their lives and a candidate comes along and promises to continue those very same policies.  Why would they vote for Clinton.  They have seen their real wages either stagnate or decrease.  They have seen their jobs disappear either to a foreign country or closed due to the liberal ideology.

When you live in a mansion in Beverly Hills and have trees and fountains obscure your vision of the suffering middle class, it is understandable why you are totally clueless.

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