• May 31, 2023

[VIDEO] Scummy Singer of the National Anthem Takes a Knee


The protest against the National Anthem has reached a new low.  Before the Sacrament Kings game, the Anthem was sung by  Leah Tysse.  She took a knee.  This proves what kind of scum she is.  She took a knee to show disrespect to it, so why would she agree to sing it?   I believe she has a couple of reasons.  It’s evident that no one outside her immediate family has ever heard of her, so it was a chance at some valuable exposure.  Secondly, it will make her popular with the BLM crowd and next riot, they will loot all of her albums.

Tysse later posted this to Facebook:

“I love and honor my country as deeply as anyone, yet it is my responsibility as an American to speak up against injustice as it affects my fellow Americans.”

I hope you are wearing boots.  If you don’t think what she did wasn’t a shameless self promotion, consider this.  She was brought in to sing the Anthem by the Albie Aware Breast Cancer survivors group and the game that night was supposed to be all about breast cancer and it’s survivors.  She made it about her.

Sonia Susac, a member from the Albie Aware Breast Cancer survivors group said:

“She took something away from us that night.”

“I had no idea she was going to do that, no idea.  And she’s gifted with a beautiful voice, but she should stick to singing.”

“To have today be about a political statement is infuriating to me.”


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