• April 15, 2024

VIDEO: She Probably Never Imagined When She Woke Up, THIS Would Happen To Her On Live TV. OOPS!

Street reporter Jesse Watters, an O’Reilly Factor regular heads to the beach to find out if people know the answers to questions about George Washington, or the Revolutionary War, and even if they know why they had the day off in the first place.

When one scantily clad girl is asked, “Who did we fight in the Revolutionary War,” she thought it was the French!

Then about two minutes into the video, two young guys were asked, “Who bombed Pearl Harbor?”I was sure they would get this one, especially because they had a few guesses. But nope, just more hilarious disappointment as they name China, Korea and Russia – none of which were correct.

The answer, of course, is Japan, and it led to the American involvement in the war, turning the tide in the favor of the allies.

Check out the video for yourself, but be prepared for some utter stupidity as these basic questions completely dumbfound the young people enjoying a day on the beach. They should have paid more attention in history class.

Could you answer all these questions correctly? Let us know in the comments section!

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